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I am asked all the time are you a Porn Star and I say YES! I am an Amateur Video Porn Star and NOT Studio there is a difference! Amateur Porn Stars make their videos there way with NO cheesy acting! As you will see in all of my Amateur Porn Videos!  All of my Solo and Girl/Girl Videos are filmed in HD. So come let me show you what years of experience in the Adult Entertainment Industry can do!


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CammiCams HD Videos 724-773


Scene 1: I go outside wearing a bodysuit that shows my stomach to sunbathe. I asked my step-son how long he has been outside and that I can feel a strange draft. I stretch around a bit and turn around and bend over. Before realizing that I had put the wrong costume on. Scene 2: Wearing my black transparent leotard and sneakers. I go out to exercise with a massive camel toe. My step-son tells me that he can see something and I adjust the crotch. I tell my step-son that feels better not realizing that my pussy lips are hanging out. Scene 3: I went outside naked and embarrassed that I couldn't find my panties. I asked my step-son if he has seen my panties. He says yes and I start looking around, then he tells me to look down. I found them! They were stuffed up my pussy and hanging out. Scene 4: I went outside just wearing my hoodie and no panties with my hands in the middle hoodie pockets trying to hide my pussy. I ask if my step-son is wasting my panties and you say that doesn't matter. Because women my age walk around like this and I go back inside after flashing. Scene 5: I come out wearing my black ankle boots, white stockings and black scarf over my shoulders, trying to cover my tits. But I move it around a bit, asking my step-son if you look attractive. Scene 6: I come out wearing a rose colored bodysuit and I ask my step-son if he likes my new outfit. He says yes and tells me to look down. OMG I forgot to snap the crouch up! (05:48) LoyalFans & ManyVids


I just love teasing the neighbors with my big 12" dildo naked. I hear a noise and my step son comes out of the spa naked with a small dick. As punishment for having a tiny penis. I make him suck my big cock. (04:54) LoyalFans & ManyVids


Watch as I model my hot blue bikini, then I pretend that you just shot cum in my mouth. I finish the video by spitting on my big tits and spreading my legs wide. (03:41) LoyalFans & ManyVids


My Daughter Amanda is pregnant with her boy friends Kevin baby and I am baby jealous. I have caught Kevin staring at me and I can see that he has a big boner. So I come in his room and ask him to get me pregnant to. I tell him that it will be our secret. I then strip and ride him like a MILF should to make sure that I get his full load. 6 months later I show him my pregnant belly and big tits. (15:36) LoyalFans & ManyVids


Scene 1: I go into my step-son's room looking like a superhero wearing my full black bodysuit and pink panties. I showed off my outfit to him. Then he says that the pants aren't correct. So I lowered them and asked him. If he is sure I'm correct, and pull them back up after seeing the hole in my bodysuit. 2: Wearing the full black bodysuit again and a pair of jeans. I go into my step-son's room and ask how my outfit looks. He says that he can see my nipples, but I disagree. So we argued over seeing my nipples. I then lower my jeans to my knees. I walk out after I see the hole in the bodysuit. 3: I come in wearing my tight pink dress and bodysuit. My stepson asks why I am wearing the bodysuit underneath. I say that I am worried about accidentally flashing someone. I pull the top down, then the lower half, then I lift the dress. I saw the hole in the body suit and ran out of his room. 4: I came in my stepson's room wearing my green tights and crop top. I asked my step-son. If the tights are transparent and we argue that people can see my pussy. I stretch the tights and adjust them, then I bend over and stand up, then I ask my step-son. If people could see my pussy. He says yes! 5: Wearing a full black bodysuit and a tight black dress. I went into my stepson's room and sat down to ask my stepson a question. While sitting, I spread my legs and move around accidentally revealing my pussy. 6: I come in wearing your pink mesh dress and wonder why it's so cold, not realizing that my dress is mesh. (05:09) LoyalFans & ManyVids


Watch as I give you a deepthroat blowjob to get you nice a hard and then ride your cock. (04:27) LoyalFans & ManyVids


I just got the Lovense Galaxy and sold a pair of panties. Watch me as I stuff my panties in my pussy. Fuck my pussy and ship them off nice and wet. (05:46) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS 766 VIDEO "Careless Step-Mom 17"

I go to my step sons bedroom wearing your white string tied bikini and a baseball cap to tell him that I am going out to sunbathe. He ask me if I am worried about getting tan lines. So I pull the bikini strings and throw the bikini off! Then I ask him "Is that better?". #2 - Wearing my bodysuit and the sling bikini. I ask my stepson if he likes my costume. He asks me if it's secure. So I shake and bounce around then slides off showing my pussy. #3 I come in wearing your tight pink dress and I tell my step son. That it is my flasher dress. He asks why. So I demonstrate, how quickly I can flash my tits and pussy. #4 I come in wearing your sheer pantyhose and a white tank top. I ask my step son. Why is he looking at me so strange then he says. That the pantyhose aren't real trousers and he can see my pussy. I say that he can't. If I adjusted the crotch and I even turn around and spread my ass cheeks while standing straight. #5 - Wearing my full black bodysuit and pink one piece. I tell my stepson that I am going to the gym. While I jump around and let him. See the front and back of your costume. I adjust the crotch a bit showing my pussy by accident a few times. Before I drop the one piece and leave. #6 - OH NO! I found my step sons Fuck Toys! (05:09) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS 765 VIDEO "Cum Damian"

This Video is a two part video starting with Cum on My Face Damian and ending with Cum in Me Damian. Part 1 - My makeup is all over my face from giving Damian a very wet & Messy Deep Throat Blow Job. While wearing black thigh highs and high heels. Damian cums all over my face and then I spread my mouth wide and stick out my tongue. Part 2 - With cum all over my face from part 1 and wearing my black stockings with high heels. I finger my self, then ride Damian's cock and spread my legs wide to Squirt all over him. (10:28) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS LF VIDEO "Up Close & Personal"

Dressed up in my black sequin corset. I tease Tajima with my big 36dd tits and hot ass then I finger my pussy. While still wearing my G-String Panties. I take off my G-string and finger my pussy in an extreme close up and cum. Round 2 Dressed in my hot gold bikini again I tease Tajima with my big tits and hot ass then I give him a blow job up close and deep throat him. Tajima then has me bend over to fuck then I ride him. I then finish him off with titty fucking him and begging for his cum. (40:16) LoyalFans

CAMMICAMS VIDEO "Hot for Teacher"

Are you hot for a teacher? If so watch this video. Where I am dressed up as a Teacher. Modeling a black bra and panty set and yes it's available for sale. (02:33) LoyalFans & ManyVids


Thanks to my wonderful fans I was finally able to buy my first male torso fuck toy. Watch as I unpack it, give my new toy a blowjob and ride it for the first time. (05:04) LoyalFans & ManyVids


Watch as I pin Will down and stick my pussy and tits in his face then I ride him until we both cum. (05:11) LoyalFans & ManyVids


Watch as I strip from my Hot Bikini into my Birthday Suit on my Birthday (March 20th). (02:54) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 761 "Careless Step Mom 16"

Scene 1: I am wearing a thin white t-shirt, white stockings with white sneakers. My step son askes me "why is your pussy showing" and I say "I just shaved it. So why not show it off. Scene 2: Wearing my tight black bodysuit zipped all down and glasses. I ask my step son to help me zip it up, as I am trying to pull it over your tits. I struggle and squeeze my tits together to get it to zip up. I say "fuck it" and give up! Zipping it down exposing my pussy. Scene 3: I come in to my step sons bedroom. Wearing the full black bodysuit, white stockings and white t-shirt over the top. I have a real bad sun burn. My step son argues with me. Because my pussy is not sunburnt and tell him that it is exposing my pussy. Scene 4: I come in naked holding showing that my my toy is bigger than my step son. He tells me that it is and shows me his cock. Embarrassed and proven wrong I leave his room. Scene 5: Wearing your light pink pantyhose with the ripped crotch and black tank top. I ask my step son if the tank top is long enough. Trying to pull it down I expose my tits. I give up and pull it all the way down and walk out. Scene 6: Wearing my ripped crotch black leggings and a top. I come in to ask my step son "how do I look?". I put my hands down my pants only to get stuck. I can't get my hands out of my pants. Pulling and struggling to get my hands out. I expose my pussy by accident. (05:30) LoyalFans & ManyVids


Watch as I change into 4 bikinis and have Tajma worship my Big Tits then I put oil all over my big boobs and give him a wet and messy deep throat POV blow job. After the DTBJ I spread my legs wide and he fucks me. I then move the cam up close to my pussy. He can't take it any more. He then cums has I titty fuck him in this roleplay video. (46:03) LoyalFans

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 760 "Step Son Got Me Pregnant"

Jacob got me pregnant on Valentine's Day! Oh but I wanted his big cock and begged him for it. Watch as I give him a blow job and then throw him on the bed to make sure that he gets me pregnant. Begging him to please cum in my pussy and get me pregnant in this roleplay video. (05:14) LoyalFans & ManyVids


Have an ASMR Zipper Fetish? Then this Custom Video is for you! Watch as I make my naughty step son watch me play with my zipper and tell him to cum on my tight black leather dress. (05:19) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 758 "Careless Step Mom 15"

Careless Step Mom 15

Scene 1 - Wearing a Spider Woman outfit and Blue Pantyhose. I am going to a cosplay contest without panties! My step-son asked me if I was wearing panties. Lifting the dress all the way and I showed him my tits. Reminding my Stepson that Spider Woman doesn't wear Panties! Scene 2 - Red button up Dress and Glasses: I come in asking my Step-son. How many buttons should I have done or undone? He said to keep unbuttoning the Red Dress and on the last button. I burst out of my dress, revealing my naked body, and I was angry at him for letting that happen and stormed out of his room. Scene 3 - Wearing a tight pink dress that is super itchy. I shake around flashing my Pussy and Boobs trying to get the dress not to be so itchy. I can't take it anymore and take it off in front of my step-son. Scene 4 - Wearing a tight leather dress that has a zipper that I can't get the zipper up. Because my bobs are too big! I ask my step-son to help and he refuses. So I unzip the dress, flashing him my boobs and pussy, then storm out of his room mad. Scene 5 - Wearing your red yoga pants, white socks and a sliver boob top. I want my step-son to exercise with me by lifting weights. He does not want to. So flash him to encourage him to and flash my pussy while wearing my yoga pants. Scene 6 - Wearing a thin white t-shirt, transparent white skirt, white stockings and glasses. I am going to a white clothing event. So I went into my step-son's bedroom to show him my clothes. My step-son then says that the glasses don't count, because they are black. So you take them off, then he says that my skirt doesn't count as white because it's transparent. So I bet him that I would not take it off. He insists that I should change my skirt. So I take it off and say "Is that better?"! (05:32) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 757 "Smoking Fetishism"

Watch as I model my red workout bra and shinny red shorts while blowing smoke in your face. If you have a Smoking Fetish this video is it. (01:24) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 756 "Chick with a Dick"

So you like Chick's with Dick's? Well here you go! You naughty sissy slut! Suck my big beautiful cock! Warning! This video has bonus photos from Cameron that are NOT suitable for a straight man. (01:05) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 755 "Dripping Cum"

Watch as I give you a wet and messy deep throat blow job with spit dripping from my mouth on my big tits. After your dtbj I want to you bend me over and fuck me and have your cum drip out of my pussy. After I spread my pussy wide. (05:04) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 754 "Teacher Flashing"

Dressed as a teacher with a white button up sweater, short black skirt, black stockings and big black boots that are for sale (SEE MY STORE). I start modeling off my teacher outfit and decide to flash my pussy. Because I am a Naughty Teacher! (01:50) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 753 "Dick Stomping 3"

I can't believe that my student bought me such ugly and uncomfortable Big Black Boots to make me happy! Well his gift is going to be used on him. So as punished I am going to Stomp his Dick! (05:09) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 752 "Cock Slapping"

Dressed up as a HOT MILF or Teacher with Glasses, Short Black Skirt, and Big Black Boots. I tease my my sub/student with stripping. If he does not pay attention I slap his cock. (02:30) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 751 "Black & White Polka Dot Thong Panties"

Watch as I model my black & white Polka Dot Thong Panties while wearing my LOVE Tank Top. (01:21) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 750 "Modeling Shoes"

Watch as I model Shoes (Wedges & Sandals) that are for sale! (04:52) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 749 "Sissy Slut Step Son"

Watch as I transform my naughty sissy slut step son into my naughty sissy slut step daughter. Showing my step son my 366dd Tits. I tell my step son put on breast that I bought for him then I tell my step daughter to worship my big tits and legs. I tell my sissy slut step son with a small cock to jerk his small penis and play with his boy pussy. Since my sissy slut step son is being good. I tell him to jerk that small cock on my big tits. (05:34) LoyalFans & ManyVids


I go in to my step sons room to find him jerking his cock way to fast! So as a good step mom I give him some Jerk Off Instructions "JOI" and have him cum on my Tits. (05:23) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 747 "Hands & Palms POV"

Do you have a hand and Palms Fetish? Then this video is for you (03:56) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 746 "Sissy Slut Todd"

I come home to find Todd, in my bedroom wearing my bra and panties. I say things like, you dirty boy, I'm going to tell your mother! So you want to be a sissy panty boy Todd? You like to wear girls underwear? I can see your we we is getting hard Todd. You like how soft my pretty girlie panties feel on your we we? You are going to be my pretty girly boy from now on or I'll tell your mother and all the girls in the neighborhood and it continues from there. (10:50) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 745 "Cammi's Hands"

Are you into palms spread or do you have a hand fetish? (01:17) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 744 "Pedicure 01012023"

Have a Foot Fetish, Toenail Fetish, want to pay for the next pedicure? Send me a message on this site. If you treat me to a Pedicure. I will treat you to a video like this one. Plus, you get to pick out the color of my toenails. Pedicure + Video Tip $50 (01:03) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 743 "Careless Step-Mom 14"

Scenes: 1. It's Christmas Eve and I am dressed up as a Naughty Mistress for X-mas. I told my Step-Son that Santa is not coming from him and that he would be cumming for me. Because he is on the Naughty list. 2. I tricked my step-son into thinking that he would see my nude body. By wearing a Nude Bodysuit underneath my towel and then I flash him my pussy. 3. Wearing office clothes: a tight short black skirt and black stockings. I sat in front of my step-son telling him off for not doing his chores. Meantime I am revealing my pussy. 4. Wearing a short pink dress. I challenge my step-son with a basketball game and if he does he will get a treat. 5. Wearing an open bodysuit. I am bored and want to have a pillow fight and if my stepson wins. I will rub my pussy on him. 6. I caught my step son masturbating outside naked and I am pissed off. Trying to cover myself with my hands. But I am not doing a good job. I tell him to masturbate inside and not outside. 7. Wearing a bodysuit and a white shirt. I say "Look!" then I flash my pussy. (05:14) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 742 "CamWars Beta Sub"

Dressed up as Princess Lia from Star Wars. I seduce a loser beta sub into a alpha male Jedi with my hot body. Warning this video is Dirty Talk Only (21:12) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 741 "Dick Stomping 2"

Dressed up as a Teacher wearing a white sweater, block clogs and black pants. I have to punish a student by stomping his dick! (05:08) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 740 "Christmas 2022"

Dressed up as a Naughty Mistress for X-mas and wondering who's going to be on my naughty list? (01:19) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 739 "Stepsons Demands"

My step son spy's on me in the shower without me knowing. He records it then confronts me and tells me that if I don't do what he says he will post it online for everyone to see. He demands I clean his room, handing me a very revealing bikini to wear, while I am cleaning my tits just keep falling out then He now demands that I crawl to him and rub his cock. Watch as the Demands continue. Has his Dad calls. (15:08) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 738 "Cammi in 4k"

This video is a modeling video up close and personal filmed in a 4k format. It starts off with an up shot of my pussy and tits, then spreading my ass wide while I am bent over, then I do some oil, titty flexing and spiting on my big tits. This video ends with me standing up and modeling my hot body for you (04:26) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 737 "Teacher & Ball Stomping"

Dressed as a Teacher white sweater, black capris and black clogs. I stomp my students balls as punishment for being bad in my class. (05:16) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 736 "Careless Step Mom 13"

Scene 1. Wearing a Red dress and black body stocking underneath. I ask my Step Son if he likes my dress and he say's no. So I take it off my dress revealing just my black body stocking standing straight in front of him. 2. Wearing My Cheerleader costume you cheer for my step son as he is about to go play football. But my skirt is a bit too revealing as i jump or bend over. 3. Dressed for work wearing a black tight skirt and body stocking underneath. I ask my stepson how I look as I and I am I unsure about the skirt. So I raise it but then I am showing my pussy. 4. I poke my head around the door then Burst in wearing nothing but a strap on. I make fun of how my step son jerks his cock. 5. Wearing Pink crotchless pantyhose in and white tank top. I tease my step son as he complains about me being naked. So I rip off my tank top exposing my breast. (05:01) LoyalFans & ManyVids


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Want to play with the Devil then get this Video (04:02) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 734 "Panty Stuff & Cum"

Watch as I stuff my panties in my pussy and cum while using the Hitachi. (03:15) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 733 "Careless Step Mom 12"

In this outside careless step mom video. I go outside to exercise but I don't want to get sunburn. So I am wearing a full black bodysuit with sneakers in front of my step son. I then realize that there is a hole in my bodysuit and my pussy is showing. Scene 2: I just love my orange summer dress and I go outside to show it off to my step-son. Spinning and flickering with no panties on. Scene 3: I am going to cheerleader practice with a bodysuit underneath. But there's something wrong and my step-son points it out, there's a hole and my pussy is showing. Scene 4: My step-son buys me a mesh black bodysuit and I am demanding that he takes it back. How dare he buy me something so inappropriate?! Scene 5: I am naked and making fun of my step-son with a big huge dildo running around while holding it to my pussy, telling my stepson to suck my dick. I just hope that the neighbors don't see! (05:01) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 732 "Careless Step Mom 11"

Scenes 1. I come in wearing the my black gown/robe. To see my step son jerking off to porn without inviting me and I get upset. Not only did he not invite but continuously said no to me watching porn with him. So take off the robe as fast as possible and walked out annoyed. 2. I go in my stepsons room looking for my t-shirt wearing green pantyhose with a camel toe and no top. He asked me why I don't cover up instead of coming in topless, my Step-Son complains. So I flashed him my pussy just to annoy him. 3. Wearing a Fishnet bodysuit and ankle boots. I wanted to show my step son my new purchase and pose for him in it spreading my pussy at one point. 4. Wearing my Pink leotard with a camel toe. I am going swimming and ask my step son if my leotard looks better. Normal or as a camel toe switching between the two as I show him. 5. Wearing a Hoodie I am going jogging. But my step son says look down and I forgot to put pants on. This virtual sex video is also available on my site cammicams. (05:23) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 731 "The Naughty Neighbor"

I have not had sex in a long time and I hear that my neighbor has a big dick. So I go next door and have him fuck me. While he is fucking me I scream and moan "Fuck Me Harder and Scream My Name". (05:12) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 730 "Wedges Foot Job"

Watch as I am dressed up in my silk shirt, long skirt and black wedges give my naughty boy a foot job with my wedges still on. (05:36) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 729 "Obey Your Goddess"

I start off with a sloppy deepthroat and beg for Cole's Cum. Then I give Cole a long passionate kiss with cum on my face. After, I take control and tell him to obey his goddess and suck my cock while he fingers his his ass. Then I tell him to fuck his ass and cum on my cock while I still having cum on my face. (10:19) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 728 "My Best Friends Hubby"

My best friend invites me over to enjoy her pool. I go into to the house wearing my bikini. Only to find her husband changing into his swim trunks. I could help but notice his huge cock. I try to look away, but I can't help but to keep looking at it. I finally leave the room, but I can't stop thinking about Steve's huge dick. He goes back inside. I give his wife an excuse to go back into the house to see where he is. I find him and proceed to take his dick out to have another look at it. I can't help but to stroke it at first and then sucking on it. I then decide to take my bikini off and ride his huge cock. He becomes fully aware that I am not his wife and he asks me to get off. I keep riding him telling him to just lay back and enjoy it. He tells me to bend over talking dirty, telling him to fuck me harder and to cum all over. He can't hold it any longer and pulls out his dick to cum all over my beautiful tits.(10:03) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 727 "Careless Step Mom 10"

SCENES 1. I am wearing a dark blue/purple sleeved dress and bodysuit. My Step Sons School called and said that he's been looking up girls skirts. So pissed off I lift up my skirt up exposing my pussy. Hoping it'll stop him. 2. Wear a Black tank top and nothing else. I come in looking for the laundry basket warring only the tank top. I try and pull it down to cover your my Pussy. But my boobs pop out the top and my pussy is still exposed. 3. Holding a sheet I ask my step son if he wants to play "Guess what I am wearing". He guesses wrong and I throw it forward showing that I am naked behind the sheet. 4. Wearing my new bodysuit with my bush out. I come in and ask my stepson, why has he stolen all of my clothes and left only the bodysuit. I say "all you need to do its ask to see it and that he didn't need to hide the clothes". 5. I want to Exercise in my bodysuit. So I go to my step sons bedroom and do Yoga, leg lefts, squats and bending forward. 6. Dressed as Princess Leia I go to my stepson's bedroom room to see if he is ready to go to the May 4th party. He is not and tells me that something is wrong with my costume. Oh NO! I forgot to put the belt over the costume and the belt was exposing my pussy. (05:06) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 726 "Careless Step Mom 9"

Scene 1. Wearing a Red dress and black body stocking underneath. I ask my Step Son if he likes my dress and he say's no. So I take it off my dress revealing just my black body stocking standing straight in front of him. 2. Wearing My Cheerleader costume you cheer for my step son as he is about to go play football. But my skirt is a bit too revealing as i jump or bend over. 3. Dressed for work wearing a black tight skirt and body stocking underneath. I ask my stepson how I look as I and I am I unsure about the skirt. So I raise it but then I am showing my pussy. 4. I poke my head around the door then Burst in wearing nothing but a strap on. I make fun of how my step son jerks his cock. 5. Wearing Pink crotchless pantyhose in and white tank top. I tease my step son as he complains about me being naked. So I rip off my tank top exposing my breast. (05:11) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 725 "Panty Stuffing"

Watch as I stuff my panties in My Pussy that I sold. (01:12) LoyalFans & ManyVids

CAMMICAMS VIDEO 724 "Panty Stuffing & Pussy Pops"

I sold a pair of panties and stuff them in my pussy then some lollipops. (02:04) LoyalFans & ManyVids

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Country: USA
Zodiac: Pisces


Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140lbs
Hair Color: Medium Auburn
Eye Color: Green
Build: Curvy
Cup Size: DD
Pubic Hair: Shaved
Measurements: 36-28-36"
Kinky Attributes: C2C, Feet, MILF, Anal, Role Play (with or without Costumes), Stockings & Pantyhose, Deep Throat and more!


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